Kallo is being built

Sorry for taking a while to update, there hasn’t really been much going on. We made a few additions to the house. We have put some more double powerpoints in the house 1 in garage 1 in outdoor room, 1 on kitchen bench and an extra in the master bedroom. We have also added some extras: a sliding door to the pantry and a double door to the master bedroom.

Also we found out they are starting construction on our estate yayyy. So hopefully we will have a pic of our own little block of land soon.

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Building the Kyton 24 through home solutions metricon

Welcome to my blog,

This blog is about my husband and I building the Kyton 24 through metricon, I decided to do a blog about it as I came across another blog “the west house” (thank you for all your help) that has been very helpful with our new venture and I would also like to help others.

We decided to build the Kyton 24 in Kallo, Kalkallo Vic in Nov 2014 our land titles in June 2015 and we are expected to start building in late July early August.
The house came with a few upgrades for this month we got higher ceilings and marble bench in the kitchen yay.


In the meantime we have signed the land contract subject to finance and found a conveyancer thank you again to libby from the west house blog for putting us onto her.

We have also chosen our colours.


And we have have added a few extras to the house. We have upgraded our kitchen with 900mm oven and stove we have also added a dishwasher and split system aircon and a broom cupboard to the laundry. We are looking at other extras but are not quite sure at the moment what we will need.

We are now waiting until march 2015 before we start applying for loans so for now we wait.

I will keep you updated as much as possible.


Sam and Jack

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