Hey guys,

Yesterday we finally settled and now officially own our land yay.

In the time beforehand though, we had our construction plans knocked back due to missing a 3 meter easment on the garage (part of the guidelines), but this was fixed at the cost of homesolutions as our house and land are fixed price.
Also kallo asked us for a list of the plants/trees we will have in the front landscaping, we designed our own landscaping and we didn’t have any idea of what we wanted, so we went shopping at the greenery garden centre in heidelberg and saw a horticulturist who helped us pick, it wasn’t too hard thankfully and we submitted our plants and trees and everything was approved by kallo.

We have been told we are 3-4 weeks away from getting a start date yay

Happy building guys

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One Response to Settlement

  1. That’s great news!
    Keep us all posted on your progress! 😀


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