Building the Kyton 24 through home solutions metricon

Welcome to my blog,

This blog is about my husband and I building the Kyton 24 through metricon, I decided to do a blog about it as I came across another blog “the west house” (thank you for all your help) that has been very helpful with our new venture and I would also like to help others.

We decided to build the Kyton 24 in Kallo, Kalkallo Vic in Nov 2014 our land titles in June 2015 and we are expected to start building in late July early August.
The house came with a few upgrades for this month we got higher ceilings and marble bench in the kitchen yay.


In the meantime we have signed the land contract subject to finance and found a conveyancer thank you again to libby from the west house blog for putting us onto her.

We have also chosen our colours.


And we have have added a few extras to the house. We have upgraded our kitchen with 900mm oven and stove we have also added a dishwasher and split system aircon and a broom cupboard to the laundry. We are looking at other extras but are not quite sure at the moment what we will need.

We are now waiting until march 2015 before we start applying for loans so for now we wait.

I will keep you updated as much as possible.


Sam and Jack

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7 Responses to Building the Kyton 24 through home solutions metricon

  1. the3sharmas says:

    Hi Guys, congrats on the new house 🙂 my wife and I are expecting our block of land to be registered in July and we have also opted for Kyton24 in Sydney. We basically started looking at getting our own Downlights done. Had our consultation with beecon lightings. Happy to share that with you on the type of lights and number of lights required to cover the house. Have a think about additional power points to all the rooms including kitchen. Spare tv points ( Metricon will not provide battens in the roof for downlights). Are you getting letter box,landscaping from them? Given the ceiling height of 8.6ft, we can’t have a door to cover pantry which is pretty open and can look messy. I am not a big fan of it. If you come across any good ideas do share. All the very best


    • jandsm says:

      Hi the3sharmas congrats also to you. We are also epecting for land to title in july and we are building in Melbourne. Dowlights are amazing we were also looking into them but have decided to stick with the normal lights for now but would still love to know how many we would need in future if we do go ahead with it. We have added a few powerpoints definately one in the kitchen and we also had an extra put in the master bedroom (for either side of the bed) , outdoor living and one for the garage. We haven’t added anymore tv points for now as there is one in the lounge and leisure and thought that would be plenty for just the two of us. No we don’t get a letterbox from them so i have been looking into either building our own or getting one from bunnings and we don’t get landscaping either although the estate has currently got a promotion for up to $5k rebate on fence and landscaping which i am hoping will help a lot. I agree with the pantry i thought of maybe putting a curtain or maybe swinging (saloon) doors on it but i am not quite sure yet i will do some more research though and fill yiu in. There is also another blogger building the kyton called the west house there house is complete and they were also looking into what to do for the pantry if you also want to check out their blog. All the best to you too.


  2. Elissa says:

    Hi there! Congrats on the house. We are also building the Kyton 24. Our land settles in Truganina in April so building should begin in May. We upgraded our kitchen to have stone bench tops and 900mm appliances. We decided not to upgrade to the higher ceilings but put a door on the pantry and also on the entry to the hallway/leisure room as we don’t have any kids and wanted to shut that part of the house off for energy saving purposes. Being able to do this was the main reason we picked the Kyton 24, and the pantry (!!), and the large windows in the living area. We wanted to extend the island bench out further into the dining area so we could comfortably put our legs under there when sitting on stools but that wasn’t an option.
    I recently read that there is. Kyton 24 display to open in Cobram, Vic, which might be a nice weekend drive.
    Good Luck with the build!


    • jandsm says:

      Hi Elissa congrats to you as well. Very exciting you are so close to starting our land settles in July. We also upgraded to 900mm appliances. The high ceiling were a promotion that we received in our package. We haven’t put a door on the pantry but i would like to close them off somehow with maybe saloon doors or a curtain not quite sure yet. Great idea with the door on the hallway for saving energy . I also wanted to extend the bench i was thinking joining it the wall so the kitchen was closed off but was also told it was not an option. I will have to look into the display would definitely love to check it out. We have been seeing lots of pics of a built kyton 24 from another blogger called the west house they have also been a lot of help to us. Good luck to you also. 😊


  3. Andre says:

    Hi There

    Great to see another Kyton 24 blogger!
    We are also building a Kyton 24 in annadale mickleham so just down the road from you
    Is everything going all well? All still on track? Great to see your posts
    I’m doing a blog too follow if you would like.

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    • jandsm says:

      Hi Andre, oh you will be just around the corner 😆 so far everything seems to be going ok although we haven’t had much to do. We just applied for a home loan today so fingures crossed we get approved. As for being on track im not sure if the estate is, as it looks like not much has been done but i am not sure how long it would usually take to build an estate.
      I would love to follow its great to see how everyone elses homes and plans are going.


  4. BROOKE says:

    Hi guys 😊

    We are building the Kyton in Kallo as well! We are stage 3 and have neen told land is titling in June (I don’t know if I can take another set back lol)

    How is everything going with your land? Titled and settled?


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