Moving quickly now

Everything is moving so quickly now the have the gutters and faschia done,  then the roof and now the insulation yay.

Happy building everyone 😀 🏠🏠

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We have a slab

We were a bit delayed getting our slab down due to rain 😒. But now we finaly have the slab and i am hoping it will go quick from here on in. 

I check my metricon site everyday it so hard not to haha it keeps us updated on dates and whats happening (which is how i knew to go and check if our slab was done) 

This is what the site looks like

And opened up with dates

Our site manager is Tarek and we met him on the weekend. He is friendly and willing to answer questions which is awesome he is also managing other builds in our street and i assume estate as well.

We started paying interest only on our mortgage when we settled and it will go up at different stages i like this as it means it will knock some time off our loan.

Happy building everyone 😆

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Site Start Yay

So we got our site start date and it was today woohoo.

We had to sign our colour scedules and a variation for our wall colours as they have gone with a lighter colour due to it being a touch to dark.

They have our site fence up and started digging it up.

And kallo is going up quick lots of houses booked in some well on there way some just at the start like us.
Kallo has put up wooden fences and we have a back fence they look great.

Happy building everyone.

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Hey guys,

Yesterday we finally settled and now officially own our land yay.

In the time beforehand though, we had our construction plans knocked back due to missing a 3 meter easment on the garage (part of the guidelines), but this was fixed at the cost of homesolutions as our house and land are fixed price.
Also kallo asked us for a list of the plants/trees we will have in the front landscaping, we designed our own landscaping and we didn’t have any idea of what we wanted, so we went shopping at the greenery garden centre in heidelberg and saw a horticulturist who helped us pick, it wasn’t too hard thankfully and we submitted our plants and trees and everything was approved by kallo.

We have been told we are 3-4 weeks away from getting a start date yay

Happy building guys

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Kallo is ready yay

So last weekend we went up to Kallo and we couldn’t get into our street 😯 but everything looked great and levelled and the main streets road was done, so we headed down to see Deb at the Kallo land sales office and she told us that Kallo is ready to title yayyy. Although they won’t be putting through the titles until next year as the office will be shut down over Christmas so year we will definitely be building we are so excited.

Merry Christmas all and we hope your new year is just as exciting 🙂

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We Have Roads!!

So today my husband and I decided to take a trip out to Kallo to see whats been happening. We were very pleased to see that they have added roads, gutters and street lights and were able to locate what we think is our lot. We have been told that the we won’t be titling until Feb now so hopefully it doesn’t get delayed. We are so very excited. Yay





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Financial Approval

Once again sorry for the delay in updates we are currently trying to get financial approval we have got pre-approval now and a good valuation, we had to go through a few banks so hopefully all is good now. KALLO have delayed land titles to October not too bad because it means more time to save.

Also for those building the Kyton there is now a display home in Mernda on plenty road at the Mayfield estate just in the slip lane yayyy we went to have a look at yesterday and we still love it. It is great for getting an idea of colours and how big it is and what furniture to get.

All the best,

Sam & Jack

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